May 16 - Oaxaca, Rock show, Yanni

Brenna and Xtine. Just waitin' for the bus.

Hey guess what! I had more visitors last week! And that's why I've sucked so badly at getting a new blog up! I'm . . . sorry. Man I suck at this.

So anyway, Brenna and Xtine from glorious Fargo came to visit me in my new hometown of Seattle. Lovely. Brenna requested we go eat something that she couldn't get in the Midwest, so we headed off to get some Oaxacan delicious in us.

It's electric!

In true hotspot fashion, there was a crazy wait for a table at La Carta de Oaxaca. Sigh. But we were determined to get a table so we stood right next to some people who were eating and made them feel guilty about taking so long.

Actually we went across the street to Fu Kun Wu to use the secret entrance in back and enjoy aphrodisiac-laced cocktails. Sexy!

Having staved off hunger with alcohol, we wandered back to La Carta and sat down with some strangers to a delicious meal. I unfortunately don't have many pictures of the meal because Brenna and Xtine both ordered the same thing - the tacos al pastor. They are boring and have good taste. My friends, not the tacos. Those were delicious little barbeque pork taste sensations and came with homemade tortillas which make me wish they were made in my home.

Not carnitas. There's a difference. I guess.

According to both parties involved, they were crazy good.

Well, it was incredibly difficult for me to order anything but the entomatadas. The last time I got it my mouth almost exploded out of sheer delight. But I had to be strong and try something new, so I went with the molotes. They involved those awesome tortillas wrapped around potato and beef sausage topped with guacamole and Oaxaqueno cheese.

Is that a radish? That's weird.

They were really cute. Like delicious little footballs. With guacamole. I had hoped that the hot sauce they came with would be a bit hotter, but it was nice and flavorful, and gave me an opportunity to utilize the sassy salsa bar in the restaurant. Salsa!

After dinner, we headed over to Sunset Tavern for a show. Wanna see some pictures? Okay!!

First up: Lund Brothers! I think they should change their name, they're not all brothers. I didn't want to call them liars, but they kind of are.


Up next: The Young Sportsmen! My friend David thinks they should name their next album Young Sportsmanlike Conduct. Get it? It's a play on words!

And a play on logos!

Headlining the show: Thee Sgt Major III. Again, not crazy about their name, but that bald guy was amazing. He was seriously that intense for the whole show. I want him at my birthday party.

Watch out behind you!!

The next day we went to a happy hour in Greenwood. There was no food, so that is sad, but there was this reservation at The Rickshaw:

But he never came.

And I have to include this photo of Xtine and Maverick. Because I love it.

He just karate chopped her eye. But she had it coming.

Brenna and Xtine's weekend isn't over! Stay tuned for more!

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Either I'm not photogenic or I can't be friends with you because somehow I always look terrible around you. Maybe I should stop making faces when a camera is pointed at me. Also that bald dude was a performer. Those guys were very dramatic for a band playing in a bar.