Two Kinds of Breakfast

I am willing to get up before noon for this. It's that good.

So with my parents being in town and me being unemployed, it just made sense to take them out for the greatest eggs Benedict in town - at Glo's on Olive Way. I never even liked eggs Benedict before I had them there, but their combination of (usually) perfectly poached eggs and amazingly tasty hollandaise sauce won me over. Mmmm.

It's Seattle. There's salmon everywhere.

My mom went with the salmon Benedict, I suppose because she was in the Northwest and consuming a meal without some form of fish involved seemed wrong. Luckily, that is never necessary in this town.

Omelet! Hash browns! Breakfast!

My dad, not so much a Benedict guy (his loss!) went with an omelet of sorts instead. I didn't try any, but it's really hard to mess up an omelet. I mean, even college boys can make them, you know?


My dad also ordered the blueberry buckwheat pancakes. They were delicious. If I weren't so full after my eggs that food coma was pending before 10:00 AM, I would have eaten more. Even my mom liked them, and she's not a pancake person. Which is strange to me, but she's foreign - go figure.

If only we could have ordered it all.

Our next breakfast would take place in Yakima, WA. After a day of touring the wine country, we were ready for some seriously delicious Mexican food. What's the connection, you ask? Well, Yakima valley is home to a ton of little wineries and a ton of inhabitants of Mexican decent. And they brought with them the cuisine of their homeland. How nice of them!

Aww, menudo only on weekends.

At the suggestion of a local, we went to check out Tacos los Primos #2. She didn't even mention #1, so I suppose they improved upon the idea before opening the second one. It's a wagon-shack building in the parking lot of a laundromat. I was sincerely excited at the prospect. I mean, just look at that menu!

They look a little grim, but it was pretty early.

As we perused the (Spanish!) menu, we got to see all of the tasties being prepared right next to us. There was some serious freshness going on. We ordered a bunch of stuff and awaited the arrival of our Mexican breakfast.

In English it means "little donkey."

I, of course, couldn't resist the lengua. Tongue, you say? Ew, you say! Well, you can shut up. Tongue is amazing when prepared correctly, and I've never had it in Mexican food with anything but delightful results. In my burrito, it was tender and flavorful, perfect with the hotness I subsequently poured all over it.

Aw yeah, boy, I am the burrito wrapping master. Snap!

And just check out my burrito-wrapping skills. I know it's dangerous to post this picture, since I'm sure Chipotle will come knocking at my door, but I'm pretty proud of it.

Look at that spread!

My parents could not resist the draw of the tacos al pastor. I mean, you really can't go wrong with pork, you know? Especially topped with caramelized onions and fried pineapple. That's right, pineapple! I have never had pineapple on my tacos before, but it was a welcome addition.

You can really taste the goat head.

I had to try something on the menu I'd never heard of before, so I went with the birria. From the man in front of the grill's description, it's goat. I think from the goat's head. Which I'm still a little confused about, but I was feeling adventurous so I ordered it. It was. . . good. It was really tasty, with an oddly soft texture.

Mouths full of goodness.

All of that with some mandarin Jarritos made for one pretty kickass breakfast. I wish I could do it every day.

Ding ding! Helados!

And for dessert (what, you don't eat dessert after breakfast?) we were treated to ice creams from the roving ice cream man!

Thanks, dad!

He pulled into the parking lot to pick up some tacos to snack on while jingling through the streets of Yakima, and we took advantage of his pit stop by picking up some frozen treats.

Coco y fresa.

They were pretty interesting. It was sort of like a cross between an ice cream bar and a popsicle. My mom got the coconut flavor and I got strawberry, which ended up tasting like frozen strawberry Nesquick. Not bad.

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