February 12 - For the haters and for SFA

I don't know what issues you people have with trust, but fine. Here. I had two people I'm not even remotely related to taste my latest culinary experiment: the banana peanut butter cupcakes with brown sugar marshmallow frosting.

Urge to vomit? No. . . .

And after Monique managed to keep hers down, Kris sampled my wares.

I guess she didn't vomit. . .

Happy? I assure you, nobody vomited.


Ok, now STFU.

So after my neighbors enjoyed the cupcakes I'd baked, we headed off to see Holy Fuck and Super Furry Animals. While I hadn't heard of the first band before, I've been a big fan of SFA since I was in high school. Their songs make me happy. I was pretty pleased to finally have a chance to see them live.

But first - Holy Fuck!

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

No, really, that's the name of the band. And I don't feel it really fits their music. Not that I could suggest a better name, I'm just sayin. I'm can't tell my grandmother how much I like them, you know?

But if I could, I'd tell her how much I like that Holy Fuck brought out a melodica. Damn I love melodicas.

Who doesn't love a melodica??

And here's something else I'd discuss: WTF was that thing the keyboard player on the left kept messing with? It looked like he was pulling film out of a projector. Does that make noise?

Now how are we going to learn
about mitosis?

And after he pulled the filmstrip out, he'd mess with these little toggles on the side of the apparatus. Does that make noise?

Spin it! Pull it! Bop it!

If anyone can tell me what he was up to here, please do. I've included a video for your review:

Mystery machine.

And then Super Furry Animals came out and rocked my world.

No, really, it sounds better this way.

So I really liked them. Their songs are so lovely . . . and their live performance felt really sincere. Like - hey guys, what's up. We're here to be subtly awesome. While wearing Power Ranger helmets.

Go Go SFA!!

I also got to play around more with my new camera. I took more pictures, but damn if this thing doesn't have a lot of buttons. It's so confusing. So very confusing. . .

My God. These carrots are delicious.

My only disappointment is that they didn't play Fire In My Heart, but I got over it quickly. I love that song, but I also love their other songs. Especially the ones in Welch, which is just a neat language. I once learned how to say, "Could I have a cup of tea?" in Welch, but it's gone the way of the state capitols and subjunctive tense.

Dyma ein hawr.


I'll leave you with this photo I took of a roasted sucking pig. My favorite Asian BBQ place in ID was selling it by the pound for Tet. It was like tasting pork nirvana. You're jealous, admit it.

Take that, year of the pig!


Cathy said...

Does it mean that for the Year of some other random animal they will offer roasted suckling rat at this BBQ store?Yummo!!


that is definitely a mystery machine. I feel like it should be doing something but I just can't figure out what. Maybe it's purely decorative so people will talk about it after the concert--wondering what the heck that machine was for.