May 18 - Street Fair!


I recall the weekend of last year's University District Street Fair. It was so crappy and rainy out that I actually passed on the opportunity to wander around among weird stuff vendors and delicious festival foods. Tragic!

This year, however, it was ridiculously gorgeous and I happily skipped my about-to-be-sunburned hide over to the U-District.

Mine's better. But this is still good.

So what do I really go to fairs and festivals for? Well, quite honestly, the food. Big surprise, right? And I've always been a big fan of the roasted corn that I guess you can sort of find on every street corner in Seattle this summer. Weird. And actually, after waiting in line for a piping hot ear of corn, I found myself sadly disappointed. My Cuban grilled corn is far better. Sad.


Not that I still didn't verily enjoy the corn. I love eating things in public that make me look like I've never heard of dental floss.

What else is fair weather food? Well, corndogs, I guess.

Yeah. . . innards!

I've never been much a fan of anything dog-related. I only eat hot dogs when I'm camping and go into survival mode, or when I'm really really drunk and someone pushes one of those cream cheesed monstrosities into my face. Moos, however, loves them. Like, really really loves them. That man is a corndog lovin fool.

Lip smackin' good.

There are also your vaguely ethnic food offerings. Like. . . something kind of short ribby, I guess. I don't remember where Xtine got them, but they certainly didn't seem as though they impressed her much. Sad for them. And for Xtine. But not for me, since I got to take a picture of her looking skeptical.

Apparently not that great.

Wandering down the food aisle, I was taken in by the sizzling of gyro meats. While I was waiting in line two policeman came up behind me and asked me about my tattoo. I immediately got nervous because I play too many video games. Sure, I hadn't just stolen a car or assassinated the head of a crime family, but I still got weirded out. I stuttered that I'd gotten it from Jesse Roberts at Lucky Devil in Capitol Hill and that hey, there's my gyro! and I have to go now.


But the gyro was pretty good. Nothing really special, I guess, but tasty nonetheless.

It's like a mouthful of imitation Greece.

And on the the festivities of the fest! After a sighting of a Seattle notable, we got thoroughly distracted by some jugglers.

Yeah, jugglers. Juggling Jollies, I guess they call themselves. They were very entertaining, and got me thinking. That's an interesting thing to devote your life to. Juggling. Circus arts, maybe. It sort of makes me think that I could do anything I wanted with my life. Like make wigs for cats. Or tiny hats for cats. Or boots for cats.

That's not weird, is it? Um, here's some photos of the jugglers.

Hop on pop.
Hold that, boys. . .
Almost totally awesome.
I wouldn't mess with him.
So that's why his shoulders were all worn. . .

They were good performers. I like that they juggled knives while jumping around on each other. And that the one in blue was pretty cute. They should really capitalize on that.

After getting a sunburn and working up a slight hunger with all the walking and shopping, we went back to my neighborhood to check out Broadway Grill.


I saw that their various teas were on happy hour special and gladly indulged in one. Which came served in a half carafe. That is awesome. And so pretty!

They're not messing around with this thing.

We pretty much stuck entirely to the happy hour menu for our mid-afternoon snackmeal. Sweet potato fries are pretty much a must for me whenever they're on the menu. Man I love sweet potato fries. Not much else to say about that, I guess.

Sweet potato fries>not sweet potato fries

Sliders were up next for us. I like that they put theirs out with huge caramelized onions. They looked kind of silly, spilling their innards all over, but they were quite tasty. And with pickles!

Mmm. Pickles.

The fire roasted (?) hummus was surprisingly spicy and nice. I quite liked it. And I'm pretty much always on board with big chunks of cheese in my food. Any food. Win.

Houmous? Hummus? Humous?

Still not done with the Xtine and Brenna madness!

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Cathy said...

OMG!Is that Moos participating in the general street jollies as a part of a human armchair?It's amazing what moving to the big city can do to small town folks in their bid to acquire skills,fame and fortune!!!