May 31 - Sushi, West Seattle

Da-dum. . . da-dum. . . da-dum. . . chopstick attack!!

So Carlo zoomed quickly through Seattle on his way back out of town, and I of course sprung on the opportunity to go out for more food. Food!

Sushi off the starboard deck!

Sushi was the decided course of action, so we went for a quick bite at Hana, on Broadway. Yay! I ordered the Hana special. It comes in a boat. A boat!! Man I love that. Why doesn't more food come in vehicles? I would totally eat a burger out of a racecar. Or spaghetti out of a helicopter!

So the boat housed a california roll, some tuna, whitefish, salmon, and shrimp nigiri. That's a boat I can get on board with. Get it? Get it??

Bite size?

Carlo had a shrimp tempura roll. I don't really get tempura rolls. To me, sushi is freshness and fishness all wrapped up in rice and seaweed. Frying it sort of negates the point, but those sorts of rolls are crazy popular around here. And it went over pretty well with Carlo.
I hear you haz a coffee.

On their way out of town, Carlo and his friend Aimee wanted to pick up some caffeine for the road. I could think of no better place to fuel their addiction than Espresso Vivace. The god of coffee drinks.

Picture pretty!

Made more nifty by their habit of swirling the steamed milk on top of the coffeeness into cute shapes - like hearts! Awww!


After Carlo left town, I had plans to accompany Maverick to West Seattle. It's a far-off land that holds little appeal for me, but I've been told I need to familiarize myself with the area to truly appreciate its charm. You know what I found out?

The only thing I can think to us it in is sno cones.

West Seattle has butter extract. W.T.F. How did they do that? How do you extract butter. . . from butter? I mean, I know how vanilla extract works. As far as I can figure, that wouldn't work with butter. Plus, it's clear. I mean, would the essential butteryness of butter be clear? Hmm. It both intrigued and terrified me.

Assembly line?

While poking around the non-extract goods of Husky Deli, we watched the delidents prepare our sandwich. Looking at this now, I'm not sure why they need so many people to sandwich. I guess there's a lot more to sandwich making than I knew. Ah, the mysteries of life.

Toasty>not toasty.

I suppose I'm glad that they take so much care with the art of the sandwich, because they were delicious. Something about chicken pesto cheese melty crunchy goodness. . . . it was all very good. I wish crunchy and cheesy and melty incorporated themselves more into my day to day life. What a life that would be!

Ice cream: the happy maker.

And how does one top off such a carunch of a lunch? With ice creams!! I'd only been hearing about Husky Deli's ice creams for months and months, so needless to say, the anticipation was killing me. Just a little bit more than not having ice cream usually kills me.

Maverick was drawn in by the temptress Kona Koka Rum. I don't know what that entails, but the nibble I had was awfully tasty. And Rummy!


I went with the blackberry cheesecake. All I will say about it is that looking at this picture is bringing back the memory of how good it was and I'm fighting the Pavlovian response.

Are those kids exiled from Oz?

Hey, check out more West Seattle wall art! And I couldn't figure out why the Wizard of Oz would be so prominently featured, but then it struck me: Seattle is the Emerald City. Get it? They went to the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz! Now if only I understood why Seattle is called the Emerald City. Mysteries all over. . .

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